About Me

Hew Yi Huai // S3623949

Honestly I really love watching films and TV shows. I mean what’s there not to love about it? It transports you to another world, lets you experience more than just what you have in your life now. Problem is, I get so emotionally attached to the characters and feel for them so deeply it’s like I live vicariously through them so when I stop watching or the movie ends, I get real depressed and empty. Hence, I don’t watch as much films as I like. And also because 3 years ago I discovered this thing called defence of the ancients (lol).

Anyway, this is a website that discusses films. I’ll be analysing films, its theme and symbolisms to try and figure out what exactly the director is trying to tell us audiences and will be sharing my personal thoughts on the movies I’ve watched. Hope you enjoy reading it, cheers!

P/S: in case you can’t already tell from my header, I’m a huge LOTR fan. I even have a LOTR tattoo. LOTR is life, it is an amazing work of art. I wanna live in Middle Earth.